Intersection Competition

There are six sections in CCF which are all part of an ongoing competition based on their turnout, drill and performance in competitions held every term.

Each week cadets are marked out of ten for the quality of their uniform, with polished boots gaining marks and un-ironed trousers losing marks. These individual scores are then averaged to give a mark for the section, meaning that cadets with poor dress let their entire section down.

At every parade, each section will also be given a few minutes to perfect a given drill sequence before being marked on their performance by the training staff. These competitions have caused the quality of drill to increase even further, making the King's School smart enough to march through Chester alongside regular soldiers as part of Remembrance Parade.   

There are also competitions held within CCF, in which sections get marked on their completion of various stands which have previously included signals (passing messages via radio), observation posts and orienteering. 

The scores of all these are then added at the end of each term to give an overall winner. The current leader is 3 Section.