WO1 Mark Rennie
Contingent Senior NCO


Regimental Sergeant Major Mark Rennie is the Senior NCO of the Contingent. He has been a member of the King's School CCF since 2006 and has risen through the ranks, demonstrating his outstanding leadership and commitment to the Contingent. He has completed the Junior Cadet Instructor Cadre and in the summer completed his Cadet Leadership Course. On his leadership course, Mark was one of only 10 of 120 cadets to gain the top grade of 'excellent'. Mark is also a valued member of the shooting team and shoots regularly. 

His example has paved the way to success for the King's School CCF Army Section and his passion for excellence is what has helped King's grow as a Contingent. Away from the CCF, Mark is studying for his A levels in Politics, Economics and Geography. He is also a keen footballer and cricketer. After university Mark is hoping to attend The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

WO2 William Miller
I/C Army Section 

Company Sergeant Major William Miller is the senior cadets of the Army Section. Ever since joining in 2006 he has shown commitment and a passion for leading younger cadets. In 2010 Will was awarded a prestigious Army Sixth Form Scholarship, showing his leadership potential. After university he will go to The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and hopes to join the Royal Engineers. Will studies Economics, Music, Physics and Maths, and rows in the school 1st eight. 

Sgt. Matthew Temple
I/C RAF Section