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Serial: 11/06                                            19 September 2011                          Chester

028:  Duty Officer and NCO; Kit; First Aid Support:

Duty Officer: Capt. M Lee

Duty NCO: WO1 (RSM) M Rennie

Kit: Shirt sleeve order carrying combat jackets

Duty First Aider: Capt. A Joseph BEM

029: Cadet Skill At Arms Meeting (CSAAM)


Well done to all involved in the shooting team who competed in CSAAM this weekend. They came second in the deliberate shoot.

The next selection shoot will be on the target rifle November.

030: Promotions


The Contingent Commander would like to: C/Sgt C Davies

                                                                         C/Sgt V Davies

                                                                         C/Sgt T Stables

                                                                         C/Sgt L Stockton

All deservedly received promotion from Sgt. on Friday.

031: Orienteering


There will be a orienteering competition which will be held on Sunday 20th November. This contributes to a cadets BTEC as a national competition. Teams consist of:

Males: 6

Females: 4

Or as Individuals


Anybody interested is to contact Capt. A A Joseph BEM

032: Pamphlets and lesson plans


All NCOs who are teaching lessons need to be referring to the related pamphlets. These are available to borrow from the office on Mondays and Fridays.



033: Signals Competition


There is a signals competition in February Half-Term (17/2/12). We need a team of 5 who are have all completed their Cadet Radio User.

034: Leadership Course


Cadets wishing to apply for a leadership course (Easter or Summer 2012) should contact Capt. Joseph

035: Kit for Friday


Will all cadets ensure they have brought their combat jacket on Friday and are carrying it on parade.

036: Hoodies


Cadets wishing to purchase a Kings CCF ‘hoody’, please could you wait for a revised letter which will be available this week.

Captain M Lee


Army Section